A REFERRAL AGENT (RA) is a person who refers clients to an Account Executive or Certified Credit Consultant of Credit Justice Services, to help repair their credit.

As an RA, you will be provided a username and password. This will enable you to enter our secured web site so you can refer a new client and monitor their progress. Simply sign onto our web site enter your clients name, phone number, and best time to call. Your Account Executive or Certified Credit Consultant will receive an instant e-mail advising them of a new referral! You have just given your client a solution to their problem with no extra work.

The end result will once again be an uplifting experience for both the client and yourself. Once your client has repaired his or her credit, you will know that you have just participated in a life changing experience. In today's fast paced world, a good credit score is everything!




A CERTIFIED CREDIT CONSULTANT (CCC) is a person who wishes to expand personal business growth while helping others with the important task of repairing their credit. Being a CCC entitles you to earn 40% of your clients’ total credit repair invoices. You make extra money and increase your potential client base, while helping others to achieve their credit goals.

Generating personal business is at the core of Credit Justice ServicesÕ’™ business model. All Certified Credit Consultants are required to maintain a minimum level of personal business to ensure the growth and integrity of the company.
There are two main avenues of generating personal business:

1. Network and advertise your business. This can be done through your local community by using CJS-approved marketing material such as brochures, post card mailers, road signs, print and radio advertising, and e-mail fliers. New clients in need of credit repair will contact you directly or through our website via your personal URL address.

2. Recruit other CCCs or Referral Agents (RA). These are people who are in businesses where good credit is necessary. Examples of these individuals are bankers, mortgage brokers, car salespeople, realtors, insurance salespeople, and CPAs. This market extends to anyone who would be involved in a transaction where credit worthiness is a potential issue.

CJS makes the credit repair process simple and easy. We do all the busy work for you. This enables you to bring in new clients you normally would not have time for, and allows you to make extra money while helping others achieve the credit scores they deserve.



ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES (A/Es) are Certified Credit Consultants (CCCs) who excel with Credit Justice Services and are offered full-time positions with the company. An A/E is a self-motivated good communicator who would like to build a business helping mortgage brokers, realtors, entrepreneurs, and clients to find solutions for their business and credit problems. As an A/E you will receive overrides on clients and companies who sign up as Certified Credit Consultants to sell CJS services. The following is the payment schedule for an A/E:

Pay Scale:
40% - of the invoice on all personal business
20% - override on all business produced by your team of Certified Credit Consultants (CCCs)
5% - override on total team production for any Certified Credit Consultant who upgrades to an A/E

Twice a month, A/Es participate in a private webinar with the CJS owner. During these live forums, policies and procedures for the company are discussed and created, and national marketing and advertising practices are evaluated. Many other important topics are discussed, and it is also provides a valuable question-and-answer setting.

A/Es are able to conduct their own certification classes for Certified Credit Consultants.

A/Es receive employee benefits from the company.